Since the fall of 2013, I’ve been teaching in the English Department at the University of Delaware (UD). I teach undergraduate classes that focus on professional, technical, and business writing. In addition, I am currently the chair of the Interactive Media Minor, an interdisciplinary minor that provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills applicable to various forms of interactive/digital media. I am also affiliate faculty for the Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN). Prior to teaching at UD, I taught in the English Department at New Mexico State University (NMSU) as a graduate teaching assistant.

University of Delaware

  • English 110, Seminar in Composition – this course serves an an introduction to the process of academic writing that centers on the composition of analytical research-based essays.
  • English 222, Introduction to Professional Writing – designed specifically for English majors who want to explore professional writing careers, this course introduces the rhetorical theory, genre studies, and practical writing skills that form the basis of numerous professional writing and editing disciplines.
  • English 312, Written and Business Communication – course focused on building an understanding of the role of writing in corporate decision making.
  • English 397, Digital Rhetoric – production and analysis course focusing on what it means to read and write in digital spaces and with digital technologies.
  • English 410, Technical Writing – writing course geared towards engineering and various science majors with focus on specific genres and writing conventions used in their professional fields.
  • English 411, Rhetoric of the Profession – course applying rhetorical theory and research to writing produced within professional contexts.
  • English 413, Topics in the Professions (Environmental Rhetoric) – course focused on the rhetorical appeals and approaches used in environmental communications.
  • English 413, Topics in the Professions (Social Media) – a course examining the theoretical and practical approaches in writing in social media spaces.
  • English 413, Topics in the Professions (Document Design) – this course introduced students to designing various documents (reports, slideshow presentations, web pages, brochures, instructions sets, flyers, etc.), in addition to writing content for documents.
  • English 413, Topics in the Professions (Genres of Professional Writing) – course using client-based learning to explore approaches to professional writing genres.
  • English 462, Experiential Learning (Applied Environmental Writing) – course developed for instructional learning both in and out of class by partnering with botanical gardens and educational centers to create materials dealing with environmental issues.
  • English 462, Experiential Learning (Professional E-Portfolio) – course developed for graduating seniors to prepare them for the job market after graduation. Students create an e-portfolio to tailor their materials to showcase writing and samples. Students also analyze job ads, resumes, cover letters, and how to create a professional social media presence. 
  • MALS 626, Studies in Contemporary Culture (Composing Identities) – graduate level course in the Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies program. Students work to understand how their family, culture and digital technologies help to compose the various identities they encompass.

New Mexico State University

  • English 111, Rhetoric and Composition – a writing, research and argument course. Taught in hybrid online and face-to-face spaces.
  • English 211, The Rhetoric of Going Green – an environmental movement themed course focusing on rhetorical appeals to college writing and research. Taught both online and face-to-face sections.
  • English 218, Scientific and Technical Communication – a course preparing students majoring in engineering and the sciences for professional communication in their field. Taught both online and face-to-face sections.
  • English 318, Advanced Professional and Technical Communication – a course focusing on genres of writing in the workplace. Taught online.
  • English 326, Cultural Identity and Representation Across Media – a course asking students to consider relationships between representation and culture and how image and language shape these representations in new media spaces.

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