Meg McGuire

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PhD; Rhetoric and Professional Communication; May 2013
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
Primary Areas: Technical/Professional Communication, Digital Rhetoric
Dissertation Topic: Commemoration in 140 Characters: How Twitter Has Remediated How We Commemorate Resonant Events
Committee Members: Jennifer Sheppard, Chair, Jen Almjeld; Monica Torrés; Julia Para

Master of Arts; Scientific and Technical Communication; May 2005
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
Primary Areas: Visual Rhetoric and Multimedia
Master’s Thesis: Covering Music: Tracing the Semiotics of Beatles Album Covers Through the Cultural Circuit

Bachelor of Arts; Journalism and Mass Communication; May 2001
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
Primary Area: Public Relations

Teaching Experience:
Assistant Professor, University of Delaware, 2013-present
Courses taught:

  • English 110, Seminar in Composition
  • English 222, Introduction to Professional Writing
  • English 312, Written and Business Communication 
  • English 410, Technical Writing
  • English 411, Rhetoric of the Professions
  • English 413, Topics in the Professions (Environmental Rhetoric) 
  • English 413, Topics in the Professions (Social Media)
  • English 413, Topics in the Professions (Document Design)
  • English 413, Topics in the Professions (Genres of Professional Writing)
  • English 462, Experiential Learning (Applied Environmental Writing)
  • English 464, Internship in Business and Technical Writing
  • MALS 626, Composing Identities

Affiliate Faculty, Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN), University of Delaware, 2017-present.

English Faculty, Interactive Media Minor, University of Delaware, 2017-present.

Graduate Teaching Assistant (Instructor of Record), New Mexico State University, 2008-2013
Courses taught:

  • English 111, Rhetoric and Composition
  • English 211, The Rhetoric of Going Green
  • English 218, Scientific and Technical Communication
  • English 318, Advanced Professional and Technical Communication
  • English 326, Cultural Identity and Representation Across the Media 

Graduate Teaching Assistant (Instructor of Record), Bowling Green State University, 2003-2005
Courses taught:

  • English 111, Introductory Writing
  • English 112, Varieties of Writing

Administrative Experience:
Internship Coordinator, Department of English, University of Delaware. (Fall 2015 – Fall 2018). Cultivate internship opportunities for students; advise and coordinate students in internships.

Social Media Director, Department of English, University of Delaware. (2013 – present). Coordinate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts; create content; supervise interns.

Multimedia Design Coordinator, Design Center, New Mexico State University (August 2009 to May 2013). Assist faculty and students with creating multimodal texts and pedagogical projects, both one-on-one and through workshops; coordinate web presence by updating department website and managing social media presence; web design print and digital communication projects for department and outside clients.

Camp Administrator/Web Coordinator, Girlhood Remixed Camp (July 2012). Developed a lesson on web use for a girls (ages 11-14) technology camp. Also assisted in various troubleshooting in multiple media.

Writing Center Coordinator, New Mexico State University (2009 Summer Session); assisted students with writing, coordinated daily activities of center.

Almjeld, Jennifer, Kris Blair and Meg McGuire. (2017) “Organic Mentorship: A Feminist Model to Support Scholars and Leaders.” In Holly Hassel and Kirsti Cole (Eds). Surviving Sexism in the Academy. New York: Routledge.

McGuire, Meg. (2016) “Reblogging as Writing: The Role of Tumblr in the Writing Classroom.” In Kendra N. Bryant (Ed). Engaging 21st Century Writers with Social Media. Hershey: IGI Global.

Conference Presentations:
Women, Healing, and Community: Cyberfeminist Activities on Reddit. Computers and Writing Conference. Fairfax, VA. May 27, 2018

Project Management Approaches for Writing Classrooms and Communities. Conference on College Composition and Communication. St Louis, MO. March 15, 2018.

When You Find a Great Meme to Post for Your Assignment: Tumblr as a Multimodal Writing and Community Space in the Composition Classroom. Computers and Writing Conference. Findlay, OH. June 1, 2017.

An Interdisciplinary Action Plan for Student Internship Programs. Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference. College Park, MD. March 27, 2017.

Changing the Landscape of Service Learning: Approaches to Increased Student Engagement with Assignments Outside the Classroom. Conference of College Composition and Communication. Portland, OR. March 17, 2017.

Here is Jonah Eating His Cheerios: The Dominance of Motherhood Discourse on Facebook. Computers and Writing Conference. Rochester, NY. May 21, 2016.

This is How I Remember the War: A Vernacular Construction of Public Memory.” Virginia Humanities Conference. Arlington, VA. April 11, 2015.

Risks With No Rewards: Why Students Fear Failure When Writing Outside the Printed Page. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Tampa, FL. March 20, 2015.

The New Labor Landscape: Freedom and Security Without Tenure. Thomas R. Watson Conference. Louisville, KY. October, 16, 2014.

MicroDiscourse: Contributing to Global Conversations with Limited Characters. Computers and Writing Conference. Pullman, WA. June 8, 2014.

Toward a Technofeminist Ethic of Care: Establishing Reciprocal Mentoring Relationships in Computers and Writing. Computers and Writing Conference. Frostburg, MD. June 7, 2013.

[Featured Panel] Commemoration in 140 Characters: Twitter as a Space for Commemoration. Computers and Writing Conference. Raleigh, NC. May 20, 2012.

How We Get to Commemoration in 140 Characters. NMSU/UTEP Joint Graduate StudentConference. Las Cruces, NM. February 25, 2012.

Unending Conversations: How the Pentad is a Useful Tool for Students Uncovering the Motivation of Collaborators to a Wiki. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Atlanta, GA. April 8, 2011.

“Digital Natives” at a Border Institute: Analyzing Student and Instructor Perceptions on Technology Use in First Year Composition Courses (with Marc Scott). Western     States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference. Las Cruces, NM. October 22, 2010.

Scheming His Way to the Top: Heist and the American Dream in Man on Wire. Southwest-Texas Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Conference. Albuquerque, NM. February 2010.

 Scheming His Way to the Top: Heist and Myth in Man on Wire. English Graduate Student Organization Symposium, Las Cruces, NM. October 30, 2009.

Going Green: Technology Makes Environmental Action Accessible. Computers and Writing Conference, Davis, CA. June 18 – 21, 2009.

Blurring Boundaries: Revisioning Existing Literacies for Teaching Technologies. Computers and Writing Conference, Davis, CA. June 18 – 21, 2009.

Live Together, Die Alone: Exploring the Others of Lost. Southwest-Texas Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Conference, Albuquerque, NM. February 25 – 28, 2009.

Invited Presentations and Workshops:
Approaches for Preparing Students for College Writing. Presented as part of the Delaware Writing Project to K-12 teachers. Newark, DE. July 2015.

Technical Writing for Engineers. Invited to discuss technical writing approaches specific to proposals and reports for the University of Delaware chapter of Engineers Without Borders. Newark, DE. March 2015

Composing Digitally in Technical and Business Communication. Presented on approaches and assignments that incorporate multimodality and digital technology in a professional writing course. Newark, DE. February 2014.

Physical Space and Virtual Hikes. Invited to take part in Science, Society and Sandwiches, a lunch time series of various disciplines presenting on different views of the same topic. Newark, DE. October 2013.

Creating Online Teaching Portfolios. Co-facilitated a three-part workshop covering the rhetorical and design choices regarding online teaching portfolios and different media to create the portfolio with. Las Cruces, NM. April 2012

Blogging as Research Tool. Presented on using blog as an effective tool to help the research process for the New Mexico State University Rise for Excellence Program. Las Cruces, NM. June 2011.

Creating Web Pages for Blackboard. Co-facilitated a workshop that helped instructors learn how to customize their course Blackboard shells with their own web page design. Las Cruces, NM. April 2011.

Internship Colloquium. Presented and discussed my 2009 summer internship to members of the New Mexico State University Rhetoric and Professional Communication Department. Las Curces, NM. April 2010.

Using Presentation Software. Presented various software and tools that can be used effectively during a presentation. Las Cruces, NM. February 2010.

Collaborative Writing Tools. Presented over various software and tools that facilitate collaborative writing in the writing classroom. Las Cruces, NM. February 2010

Web 2.0 Workshop. Facilitated a workshop that explored ways to integrate Web 2.0 tools into the writing classroom. Las Cruces, NM. February 2010.

Professional Service:
Faculty Review Committee, Department of English, University of Delaware. 2017-present.

Professional Writing Continuing Track Faculty Search Committee, Department of English, University of Delaware. 2017-2018.

WAC Development Reviewer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware. 2014 – present.

Professional Writing Senior Faculty Search Committee, Department of English, University of Delaware. 2016-2017

Undergraduate Committee, Department of English, University of Delaware. 2015-2017.

E110 Goals and Practices Committee, Department of English, University of Delaware. 2014-2015.

 Article Reviewer. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. 2014

 Co-Chair, The Dissertation Collective, New Mexico State University. 2011.

Peer Mentor, Peer Observation and Discussion Group, New Mexico State University. 2011.

 Program Proposal Reviewer for 2010 Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference. Summer 2010.

Chair, A Text of One’s Own: Finding Writing Identities in New Texts and Voices Panel, Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference. October 2010

Graduate Student Committee, English Department, Bowling Green State University. 2004 – 2005.

Program Liaison, GradSTEP Program, Bowling Green State University. August, 2004.

Professional Development:
National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity- Faculty Success Program
National program focusing on scholarly writing and productivity. May 2016-present.

Delaware Faculty Success Program, University of Delaware
Semester long program focusing on approaches to being a more productive scholar. August – December 2015.

Rocky Mountain Writer’s Retreat
Weekend-long retreat focusing on scholarly writing projects and feedback from peers in the field. July 2015.

 Publish and Flourish, Teaching Academy, New Mexico State University
Ten-week workshop designed to encourage more efficient writing strategies that facilitate more productive writing. February – April 2009

Incorporating Multimedia into the Writing Classroom, English Department, New Mexico State University Workshop presenting multimodal assignments and multimodal resources for writing courses. -September 2010

Gail Online: Making Informed Use of Online Technologies for Teaching and Learning,English Department, New Mexico State University Workshop outlining approaches to teaching online. – October 2010.

Professional Writing Experience:
Writer and Designer,
New Mexico State University Design Center, Las Cruces, N; May 2011 – August 2011, May 2012- August 2012

  • Created organization branding for student business incubator
  • Designed, wrote, packaged educational materials for middle school entrepreneurial programs

Grant Writing Intern, New Mexico State University’s Media Productions, Las Cruces, NM; May 2009 – August 2009

  • Assisted in writing an Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) grant dealing with biosecurity guidelines and education Reducing and Preventing On-Farm Disease Introductions from Animals That Attend Fairs, Expositions, and Livestock Markets Project

Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Splendor Shower Door, Holland, OH; June 2005 – July 2008

  • Developed and coordinated all marketing and communication plans, including website redesign and advertising campaigns
    • Managed development of website redesign
    • Created customer newsletter as additional outlet for communication and updates
    • Designed new promotion material for products and services and oversee distribution

 Editing Intern, Bowling Green State University’s Continuing and Extended Education, Bowling Green, OH; Summer 2004

  • Wrote and edited various marketing materials, both print and online, for campus and community workshops and events

Verna Newman Rule Scholarship,
Mew Mexico State University, December 2012.

 Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award, New Mexico State University, May 2012.

 Sutherland-McManus Scholarship, New Mexico State University, Critical Nonfiction Prose, December 2011.

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